Foodtrip: Memory Lane – Tagaytay

A teammate of mine will be leaving the country soon. Hence, we decided to take a road trip while we still could 🙂 Fortunately, it was near enough that we could leave the little one at home with my mother-in-law. While going through a list of places we could possibly eat in, we decided to go with a friend’s recommendation – Memory Lane, which is known for its ribs!

After finding the place, we end up in quite a quaint place that really lets you feel as if you’re at home 🙂

That and some really funky (fun!) signs around 😀

On to food business 🙂

Hearty Mushroom Soup (Php 125)

mushroom soup
mushroom soup

Tasty Cheese Sticks (Php 165)


Honestly, not my cup of tea. The cheese sticks were small, had only a small amount of cheese per stick, and there were less than 10 pieces. Not to mention the sauce was pretty much Thousand Island salad sauce. Doesn’t justify the price tag at all.

Memory Lane Special Iced Tea (Php 110)

iced tea
iced tea

Nothing totally special about it, in our group’s opinion. Tastes like tamarind iced tea though so that was kinda different.

Dad’s Adobong Kangkong with Chicharon Topping (good for 2) (Php 225)


To be honest, so-so. It was quite salty and the chicharon is not the crunchy type; it’s the airy type which kinda reminds you of chicharon that’s going stale. Good amount in the serving though.

Tinapang Boneless Bangus with Salted Egg, Onions and Tomatoes (Php 495)


Good fish 🙂

Mom’s Tender Juicy Babyback Ribs (good for 2) (Php 560)


The star of the show, so to speak 🙂 The bad thing first: We didn’t think it was good for 2. In fact, each one of us could have ordered one for each of us (and I don’t eat a whole lot!)

Now the good part: Oh… My. Love the ribs. Love it! Reaaaally soft and tender. Reaaaaaally good, fall off the bone sensation. Must try!!!

Memory Lane is located in Magallanes Drive, Tagaytay City.


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