Foodtrip: Zubuchon – San Antonio, Makati City

Due to personal circumstance, I don’t get to go out (yet) as much as I used to for lunch or dinner. I’m not complaining, though 🙂 It’s fun being a mom! 😀 Still, like a good number of Filipinos, I do enjoy the occasional lechon (roast pig) when it’s available. Not too much though! I’m not that young anymore 😀 So when I heard that Zubuchon was going to open its doors, I knew that it was just a matter of time before we ended up getting food there.

I’m not that delicate about where my lechon comes from so long as it tastes great. Some people prefer Cebu lechon; I personally can’t tell you I’m a fan of it since I’m pretty open to ANY variety of the dish. I do know that I enjoy Zubuchon when it’s available.

So when it was my turn to take care of the baby for the day, my husband decided to go to the newly-opened Zubuchon restaurant in Makati and get take out. Here’s what we ended up with 🙂



Baked Scallops (Php 230)
Description: Garlic, butter, and cheese topped scallops

baked scallops
baked scallops

Heaven. Nothing more could be said, to be honest. Seriously. Places that offer baked anything (tahong, scallops, etc.) usually skimp on quantity AND quality. Not here. There’s a good portion of scallops they give you for the price and it’s laden with oozing cheese. Luv! ❤

Sisig (Php 220)
Description: Chopped lechon cheeks, ears and meat with chili


I really love the sisig. There are places that disappoint whether with taste or too much of anything (case in point: too much mayo!), but not here. It was just right. However, I wish that it had egg served with it though!

Sinigang (Php 320)
Description: A tamarind-based soup with vegetables and other ingredients

sinigang na lechon
sinigang na lechon

I’m not totally sold on this, to be honest. It’s not as extreme as the one as I’ve tasted from Max’s, but I definitely think that there are certain food that’s not supposed to be made into sinigang. That being said, it wasn’t bad; it’s just not my thing.

Lechon (Php 290 (S), Php 590 (M), Php 880 (L))
Description: Classic roasted pig


Yum! ‘Nuff said.

Garlic fried rice (Php 40 (single) Php 120 (platter))

garlic rice
garlic rice

Zubuchon is located in Talisay Street, San Antonio, Makati City.


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