Foodtrip: Fuyuan – Legaspi Village, Makati City

We’ve been seeing this restaurant being built in Legaspi Village and wondered for the longest time what it was. Then the decors came and we were intrigued – it looked like a Chinese restaurant! Forgive me, there aren’t that many Chinese restaurants in the Makati CBD area especially in Legaspi Village so the only time I really get to eat good Chinese food is when I go visit north Manila to see my in-laws πŸ™‚ Anyway, so much for that. A couple of days ago (or was it just yesterday?), we noticed that there were flowers outside the place and that people were eating in it! And so, it was decided that we would have dinner there today.

Since it’s their opening, food is at 12% discount (not sure until when though!) so it’s great to take advantage of this while it’s still available.

The interior is quite spacious and they also have private function rooms if you’re in a bigger group.

Upon seating, we were given a free dish – sweet beans! Honestly, I prefer eating it as compared to drinking it with milk tea πŸ™‚

free - sweet beans!
free – sweet beans!

Then came the selection of food to eat. We immediately noticed that some of the dishes were quite… adventurous (frog legs and turtle anyone? :)) and on the spicy side. We were told this was because the food is based on dishes from one of China’s provinces – they told us which one, but the hubby and I forgot! *gasp* However, if we were to hazard a guess, it’s probably Szechuan/Sichuan.

Anyway, on to the food πŸ˜€

Shanghai Dumplings (4pcs) (Php 180)

Shanghai Dumplings
Shanghai Dumplings

Not exactly sure, but it appeared to be xialongbao. Quite nice to be honest, very tasty and really filling! ❀

Steamed dumpling with Shrimp and Bamboo Shoots (Php 180)

Steamed dumpling with Shrimp and Bamboo Shoots
Steamed dumpling with Shrimp and Bamboo Shoots

Hakaw. Although the filling didn’t disappoint, our only comment for this one is that the skin was too thick. Shrimp dumpling’s reaaaaally nice when the skin is quite translucent without breaking when you pick it up with chopsticks. We did tell the friendly staff on this and they took note. By the way, that’s the nice thing about this restaurant — the staff would approach you and ask if the food’s ok, what’s not ok with it and how they can probably improve on it. And they literally take note of your suggestions! Quite nice I would say for service πŸ™‚

Eggplants with Garlic Sauce (Php 320)

Eggplants with Garlic Sauce
Eggplants with Garlic Sauce

Spicy… is an understatement haha If you really like spicy food, then this one won’t disappoint in that regard πŸ˜€ My poor hubby looked like he took a shower after eating a couple of pieces haha Do take note that they used dried chili for this hence the spiciness level increases. Since I’m not such a fan of spicy food, I’m only taking the hubby’s word for it. Eggplant is nice, but due to the spice, the garlic sauce kinda gets lost. We suggested that they offer the dishes with varying levels of spiciness so that people like me can appreciate the dish as well in the future πŸ™‚

Boiled Fish with Pickled Cabbage and Chili (Php 680)

Boiled Fish with Pickled Cabbage and Chili
Boiled Fish with Pickled Cabbage and Chili

We asked this to be prepared WITHOUT the chili. Good thing too because this is really nice. It’s sour because of the pickled cabbage, but I really liked it. Fish is kinda bony, but you just need to soldier on… or just go for the fillets if you want to just eat without the effort πŸ˜€ Do be warned though, the serving is BIG. Honestly, we weren’t expecting the serving to be for about 4 people so we were pleasantly surprised when they came out with a big bowl of soup… for 2 of us haha

Egg Fried Rice (Php 150)

Egg Fried Rice
Egg Fried Rice

Yum. Since we had a lot of flavor in our dishes, I decided to go with this instead of Yangchow. You’ll say, but hey, it’s just egg fried rice, nothing special. And I’ll say, it’s egg fried rice! I normally see yanghcow as the only fried rice being served in other restaurants so the choice is really welcome.

Overall, the restaurant had a good impression on us and we’ll definitely be back to try their hot pot. Do take note that their servings (apart from the dumplings since I think those are pretty standard-sized anyway), as I’ve mentioned with the soup, are quite BIG — definitely worth the price! They also have delivery (though how far they’ll do it and the charge, we didn’t ask).

Fuyuan is located at G/F 104 Gamboa Street, Legaspi Village, Makati City. It’s beetween the Yeu Sole Body Spa and Archives and near Crossfit MNL Makati.
Telephone number: +63906 555 5388


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