Foodtrip: La Maripili Churreria – ATC, Alabang, Muntinlupa City

It was one of those rare days (these days) that I’m back down South. So rare in fact that I don’t get to keep track of what joints are opening all over the place BOOOOO 😦 Anyway, the hubby had a frisbee tourney at Alabang so one thing led to the other and my bestie and I decided to have lunch together afterwards. But we weren’t so full afterwards that we couldn’t do dessert…! 😀 After deciding not to go too far from Molito, we decided to go to La Maripili Churreria.

shop exterior
shop exterior

Since it was just around lunch time, there were only a table or two that were occupied. However, it’s a nice place to chill out in and probably spend a couple of hours with friends.

Since we just had lunch, we only had a couple of stuffs from the menu.

The Classics (Small [6pcs] Php 60, Medium [12pcs] Php 120, Large [18pcs] PhP 180)

This is your classic churros. However, if you’re not into chocolate that tastes like tablea, then don’t get the chocolate dip. Personally, something’s missing taste-wise with the churros, but it was acceptable for me.

Hazelnut Churros (for checking) (PhP 55)


My bestie’s churro order. Yum!

La Maripili Churreria is located at G/F ATC Corporate Center (Madrigal Ave. side), Alabang, Muntinlupa City


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