Foodtrip: Katsu Sora – Trinoma Mall, QC

I was starving. After having to take care of some business at home then commuting with the hubby back north, I was seriously grumpy and was waiting to gnaw on something ASAP. Unfortunately, it was a Saturday and it was near dinner so I wasn’t too keen on eating somewhere with a line. Originally, we were supposed to eat somewhere else in Trinoma, but being the Japanese food fans that we were, we noticed that we haven’t paid attention to Katsu Sora before. Hence, we ditched the place we were going to eat at and stepped into this shop.

Katsu Sora storefront
Katsu Sora storefront

We’ve actually seen this place for a bit, but we haven’t had a chance to eat here since we always end up somewhere else. However, there was a little trepidation on our part since it appears to be part of Hokkaido Ramen Santouka next door (they apparently are owned by the same group) and that is one ramen place that was “just ok” for us.

Anyway, stepping in, I was happy that the ambiance was quite nice, with decorations reminding me somewhat of traditional Japanese restaurants with a little hint of modern decos. Heck, this was in the middle of the table we were led to – a shared table that can accommodate 16 people:

interior deco
interior deco

Since I wasn’t really craving tonkatsu that day, I decided to go with something more basic.

Sakura Pork Tonkatsu Set (120g) (Php 345)
Description: A tasty tonkatsu made from Canadian pork, which is premium meat that has passed one of the highest food standards in the world. The perfect choice for health-conscious pork lovers that want pork on the lean side, but still flavorful with a little bit of marbling.

Inclusions: Sakura Pork Tonkatsu, Japanese rice, salad, soup, hot tea

Sakura Pork Tonkatsu
Sakura Pork Tonkatsu

This dish is lean as the description mentions. Compared to other restaurants I have eaten at, the price is cheaper too — but the serving is also small. Eating all the included food made me only just full, but wanting. That’s saying something because I’m not normally a big eater (even when hungry).

A closer look at the tonkatsu looks like this:

close-up of the tonkatsu
close-up of the tonkatsu

If you’ve eaten at other tonkatsu restaurants, you would notice that the breading here is a tad bit thick, though some people will not notice it. However, if you’ve been to Maisen or Yabu, the difference in the breading’s thickness is noticeable. This is quite all right with me though so long as the breading is NOT too thick like those found in fastfood joints.


I was actually quite disappointed. Although, yes, I am aware that I’m eating lean pork, the meat was a tad bit overcooked and was on the tough side. Long story short, I’ve eaten better loin sets which were tender and way more mouthwatering than this.

Another disappointment – the miso soup. Miso soup of all things. One swig and you’ll know that it’s quite bland and it didn’t even taste of miso. It was that… bland! How can you get miso soup wrong, people?! Especially in a Japanese *restaurant*……

Same thing with the hot tea. It tasted like water splashed with tea. Seriously. Hot water would have tasted better 😛

The bright thing in all this is that the salad is actually served buffet-style so you can just go pick up your daily dose of “wholesomeness” at your own pace 🙂

salad bar
salad bar

I got potato salad with some broccoli –

my little salad bowl
my little salad bowl

Nothing too fancy, but it was able to stave off the hunger until my main dish came along 🙂

Menchi Katsu Curry Set (Php 350)
Description: Our most tender katsu made with ground pork from Iberico, Kurobuta, Shimofuri and Sakura cuts. Served with a mild curry sauce, stewed vegetables and rice.

what's left of the Menchi Katsu Curry set
what’s left of the Menchi Katsu Curry set

Because I forgot to take a picture before my hubby dug in, I barely got a shot of the last piece! 😦 Anyway… my hubby didn’t exactly enjoy this because it was like eating meatballs that were in tonkatsu form. Though you can taste the kurobuta, the dish was admittedly kinda weird even for me. What’s worse is the fact that the curry was, as the description said, “mild”… but mild to a point that it tasted like supermarket curry 😦 Sorry, but that’s how it was for us. Maybe some others enjoy this mix, but it really wasn’t for us.

Overall, I really was disappointed with eating here. Though other places are more expensive by at least a hundred bucks, they’ve gotten the cooking down better and the servings are way bigger than what I got here.


Katsu Sora is located at the 4th Floor of Trinoma, North Triangle, Quezon City.


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